December 10, 2012 AT 3:50 pm

Adafruit LED Matrix + Livid Instruments Brain Board

Steven got an Adafruit LED Matrix working with a Livid Instruments Brain board.

Nothing spectacular here aside from getting the wiring right. The Livid Brain is taking MIDI notes from the computer and lighting up LEDs. I’m just tapping the keyboard to change notes.

He got his Brain board working with both an Adafruit Miniature 8×8 LED Matrix, and an Adafruit Bi-Color LED Bargraph.  Learn more about the Livid Instruments Brain board here.


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  1. Neat. More detail at:

    Although there are many, many options for DIY MIDI stuff (Doepfer, MIDIbox, Arduino), I (not Steven) am also a fan of the Livid builder series for more or less plug and go architecture.

    Less time on forums debugging = more music making.

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