October 1, 2012 AT 10:30 am

Beaglebone 101: Linux Tricks for Backing up and Resizing your microSD Card

SD/MicroSD Memory Card (4 GB SDHC)

Here’s a great resource for working with MicroSD cards for Beagleboard, Beaglebone, and Raspberry Pi @ GigaMegaBlog.

I recently came across a couple of ideas on Raspberry Pi forums that made me think ‘wow, that’s so crazy it might just work!’

These are disk management commands that Linux allows, but probably shouldn’t.  Even Linux power users go pale (well, even paler) at the thought of trying them on their precious desktop PCs.  On SD-card systems like the Beaglebone, Beagleboard and Raspberry Pi, though, they’re considerably less scary, and they really do work.

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  1. I’ve been backing up my computers /home partition piecmeal, directory by directory copying to a USB mounted hard disk. I guess I could use the same commands to copy an image of the /home partition to a bunzipped image file onto the USB mounted disk. Something like dd if=/dev/sda4 | bzip2 -1 > /mnt/backup/homebackup.img.bz2 I think would work.

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