September 18, 2012 AT 12:01 am

Updated Tutorial: Monochrome OLED Breakouts @ Adafruit Learning System

Updated Tutorial: Monochrome OLED Breakouts on the Adafruit Learning System

This is a quick tutorial for our 128×64 and 128×32 pixel monochrome OLED displays. These displays are small, only about 1″ diagonal, but very readable due to the high contrast of an OLED display. Each OLED display is made of 128×64 or 128×32 individual white OLEDs, each one is turned on or off by the controller chip. Because the display makes its own light, no backlight is required. This reduces the power required to run the OLED and is why the display has such high contrast; we really like this miniature display for its crispness!

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