April 3, 2012 AT 12:18 pm

7-Segment RGB-LED hack :)

Rgb7 Result2

7-Segment RGB-LED hack!.

7-segment LEDs are available in red, green, yellow and blue (maybe even in white?). There don’t seem to be any in RGB though, so if you want to dynamically use different colors in your project you either have to use multiple devices or use a different technology.

So this seemed like an opportunity for a nice DIY project: Why not take an existing 7-segment display, remove the original LEDs and add some RGB ones?

I started with an old SL-1119 display and ordered some SMD-RGB-LEDs from a seller on ebay. The LEDs came with magnet wires soldered, which came in handy, as the LEDs are as small as 1.6mm x 1.2mm.


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  1. That IS cool (glad I found the link for you). Next step would be to have a PC board made up to mount the SMT RGB leds on which would be sized to fit snug inside of the 7 segment case.

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