March 8, 2012 AT 11:30 am

Manufacturing hiccup – Raspberry Pi


Manufacturing hiccup – Raspberry Pi.

This is because of a hardware parts substitution that was made in the factory by accident: specifically, where we’d specified jacks with integrated magnetics in the BOM and schematics, the factory soldered in non-magnetic jacks. No magnetics means no network connection.

It’s cool to see Pi posting about the process of making the Pis.



  1. It may be easy for the factory to unsolder a multi-pin thoughhole part with mounting ears, but when I try to do that I usually destroy at least one of the vias on the pc board.

  2. The first run of anything can have mistakes so that is why it is worth to wait.

  3. That’s an expensive mistake for a low-margin product. For someone :-(

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