February 9, 2012 AT 4:26 pm

The first $1m project on Kickstarter

Pt 634

The first $1m project on Kickstarter, second in row that’s Apple related. It’s a milled block of aluminum – dock.



  1. While I like the design, what if the iPhone5′s form factor is changed and this won’t fit? I am holding off for that reason.

  2. Does this work with Android?

  3. Android phones seem to have adopted the use of the “micro” USB connector. Apple iPhones have their own proprietary multi-pin connector that caries audio, video, usb, fireware, and power (same as the iPod classic and iPod touch)

  4. The Double Fine Adventure just hit $1 million in less then a day. Of course that has some big names attached to it.

  5. We have demonstrated now that cost does not correlate with complexity.

  6. Well, I guess that makes Double Fine Adventure, featured on another of your blog posts, the second Kickstarter Project to hit a million.

  7. Wow! Cheap project. $0.001 is pretty cheap!

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