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From the mail bag…

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From the mail bag – Once and awhile a package is lost or stolen, it’s rare but when it happens it does give us a chance to go above and beyond for our customers…

My wife & I are flying on Wednesday morning to spend the holidays with her parents. This digital caliper will be her father’s Christmas present. To say that I appreciate the manner in which you expedited the resolution of this problem would be a vast understatement.

I’ve placed a number of orders with Adafruit in the past. Honestly, everything has gone so smoothly I’ve never interacted with your customer support before this order. I can now say that your customer support is just as awesome as the products themselves.

You rock.
Thanks again!




  1. Yes Adafruit’s customer service is second to none. They refunded my purchase of a wire cutter that failed to work on #30 gauge wire as advertised and didn’t bother having me return the defective unit. BTW, did you ever resolve the issue with your supplier? I’m still looking for something to strip #30 gauge wire wrap wire (I CAN do it with a pair of ‘dikes’ but not without risk of nicking the wire).

  2. hi @k scharf, thanks for the kind words. here’s what we have on our product page…

    “Great for general usage, we use them for standard 22 AWG solid-core breadboarding wire and 26 AWG stranded ribbon cable, sometimes for other thin wires like thicker wire wrap. They sometimes don’t work so well for 30 AWG – that’s the trade off with the basic tools. If you need precision, high repeatability and extra comfortable rubber grips check out our professional wire strippers from Hakko”

  3. Hi, KS-
    I had exactly the same problem. Fortunately, it is an easy one to solve. (I am assuming you are talking about the 30 – 20 AWG strippers with the little plier tip and orange handles?).
    I used an abrasive disk in my Dremel tool to grind down the jaws of the little pliers at the end of the strippers (very carefully!) untill I got a good strip on my 30 AWG wire. By the way, I hardly use 30AWG WW wire because it is too fragile. 28 AWG is much better for point-to-point wiring.

  4. Daniel:
    If I can find those pliers (threw them in the ‘junk’ pile) I might give your idea a try. I have a ‘TON’ of #30 ww wire that was given to me years ago and still haven’t managed to use it all up. It actually is a better choice than the slightly thicker stuff for use on tight pitch IC’s and doesn’t fill up the bread board as fast. I do a bit of ‘dead bug’ prototyping sometimes!

  5. If the more expensive ones "" work on #30 wire, I’m in for a pair! Think I’ve seen a few things on the site today that I need to "add to the the cart". Will have to wait till tonight though….
    No cyber shopping from the office!

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