September 2, 2011 AT 8:50 am

Knock Clock

Knock Clock is a fun little 48-hour project by Gijs Huisman, Giorgio Uboldi, Michael-Owen Liston. I really like the clever photosensor “set alarm” switch. Nicely done!



  1. Brilliant!
    ‘nuf said.

  2. I’d go nuts with a resolution of only 15 minutes! Now if I knew land line Morse code I can see how you could ‘sound’ out the time with more resolution. But I only know the international radio telegraph code (which is NOT Morse!). True Morse uses the period BETWEEN clicks as the characters!

  3. Nice idea, but room for improvement. I think if I had a go at it I’d use a solenoid rather than a noisy motor, that whirring is really annoying…

  4. Great idea. Love the look, it’s clearly very well made.
    Please get rid of the motor noise.
    Solenoid or a stepper motor would seem the way to go.

    When can I buy one ?


  5. Did anyone thought about colourblind peoples when creating this &"%&"%&-Resistor-Quiz???

  6. nice

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