March 6, 2011 AT 9:13 am

Uzebox Games Trailer

A neat video showcasing many of  the games available for the Uzebox/Fuzebox. Great soundtrack too!



  1. Nice Video. I’m glad to see more DIY game systems out there.

    Is there any news on when the Fuzebox kits will be available?

  2. @jase – we’re still re-designing, no ETA at this time.

  3. Re-designing? What was wrong with the original? Any of the parts become un-available? BTW it seems that the atmega1284 might work in the circuit if you increase the mpu power supply voltage to 5.5-5.6 volts. I got some of the AD video chips as samples and wanted to try building one of these, I REALLY wish you still had some PC boards available. (I suppose I could download your pcb files and have some made but that almost seems dishonest….)

  4. @k scharf – once we’re in a good place to post updates we will, thanks for the interest!

  5. AWESOME! Thanks for the update Adafruit.

    At first I was very SAD that the Fuzebox sold out. Now that I know there is a new version, possibly with a new feature (MIDI)?


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