February 25, 2011 AT 12:25 pm

MiniPOV build from Russia!

Cool kid! MiniPOV build from Russia!



  1. Interesting take on electronic construction. He didn’t use many wires and formed connections to all the LEDs using solder bridges from hole to hole on the perfboard (which ain’t that easy!). I couldn’t get a good enough look at the computer, but I’m sure he wasn’t running windows, either some version on Linux, or a MacOS clone. I tried to get Kontrollor lab running on my computer awhile ago but without luck.

  2. Раз уж тема про Россию, то и писать буду по-русски. Думаю проблем с переводом у вас возникнуть не должно.

    Плохо, что он режет текстолит в жилом помещении, причем пилой. Пыль от него все-таки не безвредная. Надо как-минимум подстелить на пол бумагу – чтобы можно было собрать пыль. А вообще, гораздо проще резать ножницами по металлу.

    Насчет того, что у него не Windows – полностью согласен. Обратите внимание на пути к файлам проекта.

    Кстати, кто может мне сказать – что за программатор он использовал? USBTinyISP ?

  3. @K Scharf
    Why not OS X itself? I have a pc with windows, linux and Mac OS X installed.

  4. OMG kid that is exactly how I used to do it, including the "yeah, it works!". Its very faux-mac, but this is a hacker kid and would you expect anything less? Russian awesome kid – props to you. Just stay away from rockets, they are meant to not work ;).

  5. That is some scary looking flux!

  6. "Why not OS X itself? I have a pc with windows, linux and Mac OS X installed."

    What I meant was OsX running on a MacClone. Officially, OSX ONLY runs on real MAC hw. You can hack it to run on generic PC hw, but this may involve writing drivers, hacking the bios, etc to make it work.

  7. Yep, it looks like he has Hackintosh OS :)
    Its nice too see here videos with russians:)
    And its a pity that bigger part of russian engineers dont know english enough to take part in discussion on english forums:(

  8. Well, who says that he does not have an Mac Pro under the desk or an Mac Mini ??

    // Per.

  9. Hi!
    @K Scharf: It’s Ubuntu 10.10 + macbuntu pac.
    @dcoder: ребёнку в 10 лет, явно сил не хватит разрезать текстолит ножницами. Программатор самодельный – http://www.obdev.at/products/vusb/avrdoper.html

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