March 6, 2010 AT 12:11 am

“Ask an engineer” is TONIGHT 10pm ET – Special guest Amanda “w0z” Wozniak

Tonight, by popular demand – “Ask an engineer” 10pm ET with special guest Amanda “w0z” Wozniak. w0z was on a previous show (our most info-packed one so far) – and she designed the MONOCHRON clock enclosure. W0z is a staff Electrical Engineer at Wyss Institute and formerly an applications Engineer at Analog Devices. This will be a great show. Previous video here (thanks George).

Pictured above, W0z’s suitcase – when she visits us she brings a toothbrush and a suitcase full of electronics! Pictured below, one of W0z’s drawings for the MONOCHRON.

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Topics include:

  • Temperature sensors
  • Enclosures
  • MintyBoost plus (assembled)
  • MONOCHRON hacks and mods
  • W0z

Chat details!

  • Visit our new “chat” section on Adafruit at 10pm ET, Saturday nights
  • Or visit our Ustream page
  • For old schoolers, you can use IRC, you’ll need a Ustream log/pass, check out the Ustream IRC how-tos here and here
  • We are #adafruit-industries6796 on IRC server
  • There will be a trivia question at the end of the night as always!
  • Lastly, if anyone can save a text log we’d appreciate it


  1. Shes gotta be a lot of fun going through airport security. Uhm, Miss, why do you have a suitcase full of electronic components?

  2. Yay, assembled MintyBoost Plus! This will be a great chat.

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